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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Coronavirus Identifier Smartwatch Fitbit Sense Launched in India

Coronavirus Identifier Smartwatch Fitbit Sense Launched in India

American fitness brand Fitbit has launched its advanced health smartwatch Fitbit Sense in India. The Fitbit Sense is priced at Rs 34,999 in India. The smartwatch comes with a 6-month Fitbit trial pack. Along with the Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa 3 has been introduced with new health, fitness, and other cool features. In this, users will get support from GPS and Google Assistant. The Fitbit comes with a battery life of 10 days.

Coronavirus can be identified:

In Fitbit Sense, the company has used innovative sensors and software technology. It will inform users to be corona positive one to two days before the symptoms of coronavirus, which can prove to be very effective in the current era. The company claims that the Fitbit Sense Covid-19 can be identified through the difference between breathing speed (HRV) and heart rate SpO2.

Information about increasing stress level:

The Fitbit Sense is the company's new flagship smartwatch, which will come with the world's first Electrodermal Activity (EDA) sensor, which will provide information about the Corona's identity as well as users' stress levels. By using the EDA scan app, the face and palm and the skin level of the skin can be identified and electrical changes. Apart from this, this smartwatch comes with heart rate tracking technology, ECG app, and wrist skin temperature sensor.

Help in the investigation of COVID-19:

James Park, co-founder, and CEO of Fitbit said an algorithm based on reports from 1000 users has been designed to help Covid-19 take hold. Park said that to explore COVID-19 has accelerated Fitbit's key research, including Stanford, Scripps Research, Kings College London, among other institutions around the world, to find out if wearables band COVID -19 are effective in detecting.

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