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Monday, July 20, 2020

Indian Brand Mivi DuoPods M40 Review

Indian Brand Mivi DuoPods M40 Review

In the early quarter of the year, the demand for wireless devices in the Indian market has seen an increase of 300 percent year-on-year. These wearable devices include devices like headphones, earphones, true wireless earbuds, smartwatches, fitness bands. The demand for wireless earbuds has increased significantly in all these devices. In view of the demand for wireless earphones and earbuds in India, many smartphone manufacturer companies have launched their earbuds in India. At the same time, many Indian companies making wearable devices and accessories have also launched their earbuds. In this series, Indian brand Mivi has also launched its True Wireless earbuds DuoPods M40 this month. Today we have brought a review for you.


The most important for truly wireless earbuds is how comfortably they adjust to our ears. In the Mivi DuoPods M40, you will get better comfort. I especially wear it while jogging in the morning. They do not slip through the ears even when running. You can do running and exercise by wearing it. Many times it happens that earphones or earbuds do not fit properly in our ears, due to which there is a pain in the ears.

I did not encounter such problems with these wireless earbuds. Many times I watch several episodes of web series on OTT platforms in my smartphones. There was no pain in the ears ever. Yes, it is natural that if you keep it for several hours continuously, then you may also get pain. I do not travel wearing it due to lockdown, but it will also make you feel comfortable while traveling. Especially when you are going to your office using metro or public transport then you can use it.



Wireless earbuds fit your ears only when its design is better. The design of the DuoPods M40 is also significantly better. The design of its buds is given in the in-year shape. That is, you can fit it inside your ears. This is the reason that even if you run or work out, they do not get out. The most important thing is that along with the in-year design, it is light weighted i.e. its weight is quite light. It is splash and sweat proof, due to which its buds do not deteriorate if they get wet with sweat while working out. The weight of its charging case is also very light and it comes with Micro USB charging jack.

Touch control

The Mivi DuoPods M40 comes with a touch control feature. You can play or pause music by tapping on its buds. You can skip to the next song. Not only this, but it also supports the voice assistance of your device, which you can activate through touch control. Also, by touching it, you can also honor the calls or disconnect the call. Because of which you get Total Hands Free Experience in DuoPods M40.

To play or pause music, you have to touch the earbuds on either side. You must do the same to stop the music. However, its touch is quite sensitive, so make sure that after connecting the device, your hand does not touch its buds. You must touch the bud of any side to make a call answer. To disconnect the call, you have to press and hold any earbuds for two seconds. To get to the next track, the right side buds have to be tapped twice. At the same time, the left buds have to be tapped twice to go to the previous track.



Talking about the connectivity feature of DuoPods M40, it supports Bluetooth 5.0. Due to the latest Bluetooth technology, you can easily connect it to your device. In order to pair it with your smartphone or other devices, both the bands have to be pressed in the charging case. After this, the red light and blue light in these buds start blinking together. After that, you can pair it with your device. Once you pair, it automatically connects to your device as soon as you remove the charging case flap. As soon as you place the earbuds in its charging case and close the flap it disconnects. That is, connecting earbuds is very easy.


Now let's talk about the most important aspect of these truly wireless earbuds. It has a bass boost feature. That is, if you like listening to songs with powerful bass, then you get a better sound quality. However, by increasing the volume, you get some distortion in the audio at high volume. But it is so low that many users do not even know about it. Its charging case has a capacity of 500mAh. At the same time, a 50mAh battery is provided in its buds. Once charged, music playback of 4 to 5 hours from the buds is available at a standard volume. Once you charge the charging case, you get 18 to 20 hours of battery back-up. That is, you can charge the buds four to five times.

Our decision

These days True Wireless earbuds are in trend and the DuoPods M40 also caters to this trend of users. It costs Rs 3,999. In this price range, you get earbuds with better sound quality and stylish design. These true wireless earbuds give you a better experience than wireless earbuds of Chinese companies.

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