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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Samsung Galaxy M10

Samsung Galaxy M10

Samsung Galaxy M10

Despite the onslaught of affordable smartphones by brands in China and beyond, India has a love affair with Samsung. Korean manufacturers have long been selling their phones in the country, manufacturing many of their devices in India, and have a good amount of goodwill thanks to their excellent dealer and service network. Therefore, there is a need to take any inexpensive option from Samsung seriously.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy M10, a smartphone that is incredibly refreshing and different from what we expected from Samsung. The company had earlier shied away from the idea of   the notch, but the Samsung Galaxy M10 and the slightly more expensive Galaxy M20 are the first phones from the company to sport this element. While notch itself can be considered a disruptive design element, the idea of   notch is to allow a screen that takes up more space than the front, and that's the look Samsung is going for here. We put the new Samsung Galaxy M10 through its paces, and here for our review.

Samsung galaxy m10 Design

The highlight of the Samsung Galaxy M10 is its screen, which has a waterdrop-style notch at the top for the front camera. The camera on the top edge sits the earpiece, and is fully visible on smartphones such as the OnePlus 6T and Oppo F9 Pro. A thin black border can be seen around the screen, with the top extending almost to the edge and leaving a narrow chin area at the bottom.

The rear and sides of the Samsung Galaxy M10 are with curved edges and corners. The port and button are all where we expected them to be, and the only thing that was really out was the speaker grille at the rear instead of the bottom. This was common a few years ago, but now it is strange. This causes the audio to slightly muffle when the phone falls flat on its back, which can affect how loud the ringtone is.

There is a dual-camera setup and flash in the upper-left corner of the back of the phone, and you will also see the Samsung logo and some regulatory text. The blue color of our review unit looked good, but the plastic was prone to fingerprints and smoothies.

The device many users will appreciate is some SIM and external storage tray, with dedicated slots for two nano-SIM cards and one microSD card. It is also worth pointing out that the Samsung Galaxy M10 does not have a fingerprint sensor, and you only have face recognition as a method of biometric protection on the device.

The screen in the phone is a 6.22-inch HD + resolution 'Infinity-V' TFT display, named because of the size of the notch. Perhaps its biggest issue is resolution; At 720x1520 pixels, you get an aspect ratio of 19: 9 but it is not very sharp. For basic usage, we didn't have a lot of issues, especially apps such as WhatsApp or anything that doesn't rely heavily on visualization.

The Samsung Experience UI looks fine even with low resolution, although we can see some grain around the app icon. However, we were not impressed with the screen when using it with simple games like Netflix and Subway Surfers.

We also didn't quite like the colors and brightness, and found that things don't look great at a wider viewing angle. Also, the screen appears sluggish until you drag the brightness slider to the maximum level. What we did about the screen was its size, proportion and edge-to-edge design.

Samsung Galaxy M10

Samsung Galaxy M10 specifications and software

When it comes to specifications, the Samsung Galaxy M10 comes off as a bit disappointing. Under the hood is the Exynos 7870 1.6GHz octa-core SoC, a processor first seen on the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016), released almost two and a half years ago.

Built on a 14nm process, this SoC was decent at the time of its launch but not as old as competing SoCs like the Snapdragon 625 from Qualcomm. You get 2GB or 3GB of RAM and either 16GB or 32GB of internal storage. , As well as dual-VoLTE connectivity. Our review unit was the higher version with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage, priced at Rs. 8,990 rupees, second variant Rs. 1,000 cheaper.

You will also get a 3,400mAh battery and a 5W charger in the box. While battery capacity is acceptable given the price and specifications of the phone, the charger is not nearly as fast as it should be. During our testing it took more than three hours to fully charge the device. The phone also uses the dated Micro-USB standard for charging and data transfer. A 3.5mm earphone attachment gives you a chance to interface wired earphones to the telephone.

The Samsung Galaxy M10 keeps running on Android 8.1 Oreo, with the Samsung Experience 9.5 UI on top. For anybody acquainted with the product on Samsung's telephones, the Galaxy M10's UI is just what you'd expect. While Samsung's smartphone software has improved as of late, it still has some degree of coping with bloat. Preinstalled on the phone are Samsung's system apps, some Microsoft apps and a handful of Daily Hunt. Not all of these can be uninstalled, which can be annoying in the long run, especially on a lower version with 16 GB of internal storage.

Some interesting aspects include the Lock Screen Stories feature and the Dual-Messenger feature. The former shows you different images on the lock screen that often have to do with current events and news (but also some ads), while in the latter you have two examples of popular apps such as WhatsApp so you can create two different accounts. Can use the same device.

The Samsung Galaxy M10 features face recognition, but we thought it better to use the PIN ourselves or without any protection. The Face Recognition feature took a few seconds each time we tried it to unlock the phone, and often failed even in good lighting conditions.

Samsung Galaxy M10

Samsung Galaxy M10 performance and battery life

With a dated processor, the Samsung Galaxy M10 is disillusioning with regards to execution. In addition to slow facial recognition, many other simple tasks are significantly delayed, such as switching from camera to gallery to see pictures we just shot, reloading some background apps, and Multi-tasking apps when we needed to switch between them. We also often saw a slight delay in responsiveness to tap within the UI itself, such as in the Settings app.

3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage is now what we would expect from a sub-Rs. 10,000 smartphones, and Samsung has given it Rs. Is given in the price of Rs. 8,990. Once loaded, you can run very popular apps, which include instant messaging, social media services and basic games. We tried to run PUBG Mobile on the phone, and the experience was very poor with performance issues even at the lowest graphics settings.

Putting the Samsung Galaxy M10 through our common benchmarking tool, we found results that were consistent with the dated SoC. AnTuTu scored 64,371, while Geekbench gave a single-core score of 728 and a multi-core score of 3,674. These numbers may be good enough for a mid-range smartphone in 2016, but serve as sufficient evidence of the Galaxy M10's poor performance in 2019. Even graphical benchmark tests returned scores that were less than the same price as the Realme C1. Analysis ).

We put the Samsung Galaxy M10 through our HD video loop battery test and gave 14 hours and 29 minutes of screen time with a full charge of 3,400mAh battery. The HD+ resolution of the screen and power-proficient processor can be credited with great battery life, and we likewise observed a comparative degree of productivity in everyday use.

With basic usage that includes a SIM card connected to an LTE network, taking some photos, streaming some Netflix videos, and playing some basic games, the phone runs smoothly throughout the day with plenty of power left is. Afternoon of the next day. As mentioned, the only drawback in this aspect is slow charging.

Samsung Galaxy M10

Samsung galaxy m10 Camera

The Samsung Galaxy M10 has a dual-camera setup at the rear, with a 13-megapixel main sensor with f / 1.9 aperture and a 5-megapixel secondary sensor with f / 2.2 aperture. The second camera enables ultra-wide angle photography, and can be selected via the camera app on a smartphone. You also get a 5-megapixel f / 2.0 front camera, with both front and rear cameras capable of recording full-HD video.

Looking at the price of the primary rear camera device on the Samsung Galaxy M10 is not bad in any way, but it is not very good. Photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy M10 are good at first glance, but a closer look shows some graininess and lack of detail. In addition, the colors are slightly dull, and appear slightly darker than the actual scenes photographed.

The wide-angle camera lets you take some interesting photos that capture a wide frame, creating good landscape shots at a distance. Although the images will still look a bit dull, the extra room in the frame can add some character to the images. However, as with all wide-angle cameras, some stretches will appear on the edges of the frame.

Low-light performance may be fine when shooting macro images and close-ups, but with subjects at a short distance, you'll see a lot of grain in the images. In addition, brightly lit parts of the image (such as street lights or lamps) are overexposed.

The video looks decent, but the lack of stabilization means that any video taken while playing is all shakes. The front camera is also fine, and suffice for video calls or occasional selfies. Overall, the camera setup on the Samsung Galaxy M10 is acceptable for the price, but you shouldn't expect too much from this phone.

Samsung Galaxy M10


After RS. 7,990, the Samsung Galaxy M10 is one of Samsung's cheapest smartphones today. The device has some major rules, including its modern design and a battery that will keep the phone running well for a day with normal usage. Most of all, it is an inexpensive Samsung phone, which in itself makes this device important.

However, this budget is far from smartphone perfect. The excellent battery life is the result of two large letdowns with the HD + resolution screen and dated SoC. While the screen size and dimensions give this phone its modern look, but this quality is not as good as we would have liked. Furthermore, performance on this device is below average, and the camera does not gain much from its key feature of ultra-wide-angle photography.

The Samsung Galaxy M10 is a device for fans of Samsung who are looking for a modern-design phone, but alternatives like the Realme C1 (review) and Xiaomi Redmi 6 (review) are, in our opinion, almost round devices at the same price. If you go for Samsung Galaxy M10, then we recommend you to bring 3GB RAM / 32GB storage variants.

Samsung Galaxy M10 summary

The Samsung Galaxy M10 is the company's first two smartphones to feature a notched display. The design of the smartphone is impressive, and the dual-camera setup allows you to take wide-angle shots, which we found fun. Good battery life and dual-VoLTE standby are other useful features, but the Samsung Galaxy M10 is given below due to slow charging, and performance for its dated SoC, with no fingerprint sensor. While the device is an important entry-level option from Samsung, it does not affect as much as the Galaxy M20.

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